The convent

The Our Lady of Hope Convent, as was called the ruin that originated the Pousada Convento de Belmonte, has scrolls as old as Portuguese History, and it was from its chapel that was taken the Our Lady of Hope’s image that Pedro Álvares Cabral took to Brazil.

The modern Inn kept the Convent’s historical heritage, with its origins in the 13th century, with an amphitheater-like architecture, located on the slope of Esperança hill, south of Belmonte.

The lower level stone swimming pool has a magnificent view towards the Zêzere valley and the Estrela mountain range.

The stone, wood, iron, wicker, the sobriety in the expertly chosen materials and pieces, the use of light and relaxing colors like ocher, olive green, sand, earth and fire recreate an environment of peace and tranquility, in a unique place where you can hear the sound of silence, you can feel the history and you can breathe the pure mountain air. And the result of the restoration is amazing. From the chapel, a comfortable living room; from the sacristy, a bar; and from the brothers’ dorms, two rooms which are connect by a small cloister.

Twenty-four bedrooms, all named after different brothers. The suite is known as Guardião, the name given to the head of the Franciscan order to which this convent belonged, now beautifully decorated by Adelaide Rebelo de Andrade and turned into a historical inn by the architect Luis Rebelo de Andrade. The first among the first.